We often think about the next step in our careers, but sometimes that single step can look like a mile. Sometimes we feel isolated, but we don’t have to make it by ourselves. We are surrounded by a community of black leaders and innovators – people with tremendous experience, wisdom, savvy and ideas.

We all want to tap into these resources, but making the right connections can be challenging.

BTH is an innovative job site where companies can come to reach qualified minority talent. 

Black Talent Hub (BTH) is an online networking tool to connect black professionals with each other and the organizations who want to hire them. Many companies don’t know where to look for qualified minority candidates. Many candidates don’t know where to look for great jobs.


We want to make those connections and help people advance their careers. That could mean applying for an entry level or C-suite position, attending a networking event, polishing a resume or meeting peers in online forums.


Regardless of your short- or long-term goals, BTH is about tapping into our community to help you rise to the next level. 

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