BlackOwned Brings Learning Opportunities to University Students

Riipen, a technology platform that matches businesses with colleges, will partner with BlackOwned to offer a virtual internship.

Riipen facilitates micro-experiential learning opportunities by connecting students with industry partners like community organizations, government agencies and NGOs. Businesses submit projects fully-fleshed out or in collaboration with Riipen and instructors to create specific course assignments or competitions.

For BlackOwned, a student team will create a marketing plan for Black Talent Hub, an in-house networking platform for Black professionals. The project will give students first-hand experience working with a start-up agency. Students involved in the BlackOwned project will learn market research, SEO and prospecting strategies and strategic social media marketing, among other industry best practices.

Riipen will broker the program through its network of 150-plus North American campuses. The credit-based projects are delivered virtually and involve a team of students and a lead professor.

One of the toughest challenges for graduates seeking employment is showing viable, relevant work experience on their resumes. Through Riipen’s innovative model, students build their individual portfolios with real-time work product, while demonstrating team-work, project management and applicable communication skills.

BlackOwned is excited to engage in this valuable collaborative effort, which will help grow our brand presence, while giving university students an opportunity to gain marketable skills.


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