• Ryan Trenhaile

For Stacey Abrams, revenge is a dish best served blue

Atlanta (CNN)President-elect Joe Biden is the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in 28 years. And much of the credit for his showing here is going to someone who wasn't on the ballot: Stacey Abrams.

Abrams, the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has devoted years to expanding the electorate and boosting turnout in the state, which had been reliably red for decades.

Abrams lost the Georgia governor's race by 55,000 votes in an election marred by allegations of voter suppression. Instead of fading into the background, she climbed into the trenches. She formed an organization to register and empower voters, wrote a book about voter suppression and co-produced an Amazon Prime documentary, "All In: the Fight for Democracy."

Her relentless efforts paid off. No Democratic presidential candidate had won in Georgia since Bill Clinton in 1992, although Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton came fairly close. But Biden got more than 2.4 million votes in Georgia, smashing Hillary Clinton's total by more than half a million, and on Friday, CNN projected he would win the state. READ MORE