Speaking Volumes in Her Stillness

A testament to love, heartbreak, brokenness and the triumph that follows, is wrapped into singer/songwriter Brisa Lauren’s debut album “In Her Stillness…” It’s nearly impossible to listen to this beautifully written body of work and not relate. A San Diego, California native full of activism, art and glow, Brisa is not new to this, she really is true to this. She’s been performing as lead vocalist in the multitalented band Lyrical Groove for the better part of the ‘20s.

Now, in her first solo venture, Brisa is bringing all the feels. She’s giving therapy, she’s giving life coach, she’s giving everything you need to wipe the tears away and get back moving. “In Her Stillness…” gives motivation, dedication, Oprah, Michelle and Iyanla, all wrapped up in one musical expedition.

Brisa is a force of nature, on and off the stage; for over a decade she has been leading social justice movements and teaching grassroots organizing. She works as a union organizer and has led numerous voter registration drives in her community. She knows what it means to really use your voice.

But, please don’t confuse her for your average “woke” woman of color. A self-proclaimed “ratchet intellectual,” her brains also come with pure natural beauty, a little twerking, an infectious laugh and raw talent. Just watch this woman perform live, and you’ll get it.

“In Her Stillness...” blesses us with two singles, “Ode to the Petty” and “Note to Self,” songs about giving yourself permission to mess up and forgiving yourself for those very mistakes. If you’re searching for a project that will speak directly to your heart and move your soul, “In Her Stillness…” is available now. Visit for updates, music, videos and more.


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