The Color of Soul

Take a listen to “Yellow,” the latest EP from the amazingly talented Emi Secrest. With a healthy dose of R&B, a little rock, a little roll and so, so much soul, Emi Secrest makes music that moves the spirit. The Tennessee native has vocal powers beyond her 33 years.

Why the title “Yellow?” At a time when everyone could use a little more sunshine and happiness, this project definitely gives just that. Get into some of my absolute favorites: the opening track “Satisfied,” with its funky bass and lyrical sass, will leave you feeling empowered and fearless after going through a heartbreak. The cinematic “Roll Me Up” is an in-your-face vocal performance about the power of Emi’s love.

Secrest ends her 5-track EP with “Wake Up,” a moving tribute to Black men and women. This track is laced with outtakes from activist Tameka Mallory’s legendary Black Lives Matter speech, and features guest vocalist Mackenzie over perfect production. When the singing stops you might just be moved to shout. Reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” “Wake Up” gives us just enough to leave us inspired and chilled.

With her soulful delivery and artistic vision, Secrest will be sprinkling musical magic around the world for years to come. Check out her entire catalogue at and be sure to follow her on social media.


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